Lions club of Bangalore airport city has adopted a government school in the year 2011. It has spent 25 lakhs on school building and furniture. Midday meals are arranged for the students. There are two teachers from BALST who are dedicated to this school.

This is the third project of Lions Club of Bangalore Airport City.
The school was a single room school with students from 1st to 5th standard studying in the same room. This school was situated in the centre of Haralur village till 2003-04. Subsequently the school was shifted to the present location of nearly 3acres of Government land next to the beautiful Haralur lake with 4 classrooms and yet another 4 classrooms were added in 2008-09. All the above developments were done by the generous donations of Late Patel Hanumma Reddy’s family and the villagers of Haralur through Lions Club of Bangalore Airport City.
The school has all the infrastructure and qualified staff to guide the school children. At present there are students from 1st to 7th standard and our Lion, S. Somasheakar’s family has appointed 2 more teachers for the welfare of the school and they pay the salary.


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